Paul Fang, BSc’84, BMLSc’86, MSc’88

BMLSc Alumni

What is your current career or current educational program?

Corporate, Commercial, Securities Lawyer.

If you are working, please describe what you do, in a few sentences.

Transaction oriented law practice.

What has been your journey, since graduating from the BMLSc Program?

Carried out an M.Sc. with the UBC Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology re: In Vitro Fertilization, the Juris Doctor from the University of Windsor and now licensed to practice law in the BC.

How did your BMLSc degree help you to get where you are now?

Provided technical skills for the MSc work and useful for the intellectual property law matters.

What is the most valuable experience you gained from the BMLSc Program?

One on one or one on small group experiential learning.

What did you enjoy most about the BMLSc Program?

Working closely with professionals. Dr. Phil Ried, Dr. Bill Godolphin, Dr. Bonnie Massing and other very excellent teachers.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to BMLSc students and recent graduates?

You are in one of the best programs at this University – learn everything.

Name one thing on your bucket list.