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Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

In the last six months your resiliency, creativity and passion have shone through. Thank you! Many clinical faculty members ramped up their work to assist with the pandemic. Faculty and staff adeptly shifted to work from home, then in June swiftly figured out how to safely and quickly bring part of the research back to onsite work followed by a second wave of additional staff returning to onsite research in August so that most labs now have over 30% of research located on site. In between the two phases of return to onsite research, faculty and staff completed the necessary applications for federal relief funding. Although the results of the latter are pending, it is looking quite promising that labs will obtain the relief funding they requested. Nine of our clinical and academic faculty members obtained COVID 19 research grants and many more obtained non COVID 19 related research grants – not an ease feat during a pandemic.

Equally impressive is the leadership demonstrated in teaching. The residency directors found ways for those residents who needed to work onsite to do so safely and to rotate on and offsite, other residents worked from home, and virtual rounds were established. The residents too volunteered to help with issues related to the pandemic. The BMLSc team skillfully and creatively re-designed BMLSc’s format to include both onsite lab work as well as virtual teaching whilst maintaining the high standards of the program and ensuring the safety of the students, faculty and staff. As well, the David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre leadership team, along with many other faculty members are exploring how to create virtual lessons and tours.

On the administrative, human resources and finance side, our staff have organized a virtual recognition event for residents, learned new Canadian immigration requirements needed for recruitment in a pandemic, how to plan for a new HR and Finance system, revamped the Department’s website and helped identify and track expenses that we can claim for COVID-19 relief funds.

Lastly, a core group of faculty and staff adeptly created weekly rounds as a means of bringing the Department together, boost morale and share the richness of faculty’s accomplishments and knowledge. The rounds were an enormous success with as many as 140 people in attendance.

These have not been easy times in our work or personal lives and you have all risen to the challenge, supported your students and colleagues and been innovative in how to work differently but effectively. A very impressive group of individuals. Thank you again.

There are more changes on the horizon and more resources that UBC has made available to its staff and faculty and I would like to share with you the following information.

Genevieve MacMillan
Director, HR and Administration


UBC has new resources available for staff and faculty.

For those of you interested in additional teaching resources, the following options may be helpful. Listed are online teaching resources and support from both the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) and FoM Educational Technology. For additional resources visit


Resources from the Online Teaching Program are available on the UBC Wiki. Here you will find links to slides and recordings. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update the wiki.

  • Consultations: Please note, the CTLT at UBCV and CTL at UBCO are offering 1 hour one-on-one consultations to instructors who are interested in a meeting with an educational consultant. Learn more
  • Rehearse Online Teaching Approaches using Zoom or Collaborate Ultra: To help you succeed in teaching your course online, the CTLT will provide opportunities to rehearse or practice teaching in an online classroom and receive feedback from your peers. Learn more
  • Online Teaching Program Modules: This program is designed to help you adapt your course for the online environment and prepare you to teach online. These modules contain a range of topics addressing online course design, development and facilitation. Learn more
  • Online Teaching Program Workshops: The CTLT is offering ongoing Online Teaching Program workshops this summer. Please register for sessions individually as desired.
  • Technical Support: If you require specific technical support, the Learning Technology Hub is available Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm to assist you.
  • For a complete list of complimentary CTLT professional development offerings visit

The Educational Technology team provides hands-on support and coaching for teaching. Contact for assistance.

  • Consultations: We offer one-to-one consultations with faculty to identify opportunities to deliver content (live video or recorded), increase learner engagement and to revise assessment approaches to work effectively at a distance (online exams, proctoring etc.).
  • Zoom Drop in Clinics for Synchronous and Asynchronous (pre-recorded) lectures: Drop-in Clinics (direct link to session during listed times) Monday to Friday, 10–11am and 2–3pm. We offer a basic review of how to use Zoom here, but we can also help solve problems as well as arrange to dry run/test any of the additional Zoom tools.
  • Self-Recorded Lectures: These can be done at home with Camtasia and Zoom (both are available to UBC faculty), or Voice over PowerPoint. Support creating pre-recorded lectures is available from Educational Technology at
Education and Microsoft OneDrive and Teams

UBC has moved to a new online education website that provides a number of safety and risk management courses, personal well-being and professional development classes.

Microsoft (MS) OneDrive and Teams are now available to the UBC community. These tools provide new options for secure file storage and collaboration for faculty, staff, and learners that meet UBC’s privacy and security requirements.

We encourage those of you who are interested and meet the service requirements to pilot MS OneDrive and Teams over the next couple of weeks . Information about how to access these tools, training options, and requirements can be found on the UBC IT website:

If you have questions about which collaboration tools are right for your team, contact the MedIT Collaboration Team at 1.877.266.0666 option 2 or


November 1, 2020, UBC will be replacing its HR and finance system with Workday. UBC has provided online information on how to use Workday.

All Staff and Academic and Clinical Faculty

All staff and academic and clinical faculty members will update their personal information, retrieve their T4 and review their payroll details via Workday. All staff and faculty should take Workday Basics

Hourly employees should take Workday HR 101 for hourly staff

Other paid faculty and staff should take Workday HR 101 for salaried staff

All staff and faculty who are involved in purchasing, reconciling PCards, and submitting expense claims should take Workday Finance 101

We hope these resources are of assistance to you.