Some of the events that happened during the year


Residency Graduation

There were over 90 guests to celebrate the achievements of 7 residents graduating this year: 3 from Anatomical Pathology (Eric Bol, Lawrence Lee, Maziar Riazy); 3 from Hematopathology (Natalia Blaszcyk, Habib Moshref Razavi, Audi Setiadi), and 2 from Medical Microbiology (Shazia Masud and Inna Sekirov).

Fellows include Erin Chapman (Head & Neck Pathology), and Shadhiya Al Khan (Transfusion Medicine).

The graduation dinner was held on Monday June 5th 2017.


Graduated in 2017

Past Program Director Awards

  • Dr. Diana Ionescu (Anatomical Pathology)
  • Dr. Stephen Yip (Neuropathology)
  • Dr. Tanya Petraszko (Transfusion Medicine)
  • Dr. Mari DeMarco (Medical Biochemistry)

Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us for so many years.

Dr. Maziar Riazy
Anatomical Pathology
  • MD – Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • PhD – UBC
  • AP – UBC
    Future Plans:
  • Nephropathology fellowship at University of Washington (Seattle)
  • Finally get to be the one who presses on “sign out”!
Dr. Eric Bol
Anatomical Pathology
  • BSc - University of Victoria 2007
  • MD – Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Windsor Program 2012
    Future Plans:
  • Forensic pathology fellowship, Edmonton Alberta
Dr. Lawrence Lee
Anatomical Pathology
  • BASc - University of Toronto (’06), MASc (’08)
  • MD - UBC (‘12)
  • AP – UBC
    Future Plans:
  • Give poor evals to UBC pathology residents at VGH
  • Minimize embarassment
Dr. Audi Setiadi
  • BSc - UBC 2009
  • MD - McMaster University 2012
    Future Plans:
  • Join the Hematopathology team at St. Paul’s Hospital!
Dr. Habib Razavi
  • BSc - University of Toronto 1995
  • MSc - University of Toronto 1998
  • PhD - Western University 2003
  • Fellowship - Texax A&M 2006
  • MD - University of Ottawa
  • Anesthesiology Residency 2012
  • Hematopathology Residency 2017
    Future Plans:
  • Staff position at Fraser Health
Dr. Shazia Masud
Medical Microbiology
  • MD - Punjab University, Pakistan 
  • Fellowship in Microbiology - Pakistan
  • Residency Medical Microbiology - UBC
    Future Plans:
  • Surrey Memorial Hospital - Fraser Health
Dr. Inna Sekirov
Medical Microbiology
  • BSc - Microbiology – UBC 2003
  • MD/PhD (Microbiology) – UBC 2011
  • Residency in Medical Microbiology – UBC 2017
    Future Plans:
  • Working at BC Centre for Disease Control



Dr. Erin Chapman
Head and Neck Pathology Fellowship
  • BMLSc - UBC 2004
  • MD - Western University 2009
  • AP Residency (PGY-1 - 2, UBC 2012, PGY-3 - 5 Transfer to U of A, Edmonton 2016
  • Head and Neck Pathology Fellowship - UBC
    Future Plans:
  • Staff pathologist at the University Hospital in Edmonton
Dr. Shadhiya Al Khan
Transfusion Medicine Fellowship UBC
  • BHSc - Oman
  • MD - Oman
  • Hematopathology Residency - UBC
  • Transfusion Medicine Fellowship - UBC
    Future Plans:
  • Join Oman’s Central Blood Services
Dr. Douglas Webber
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC
AWARDED: Dr. Roberta Miller Anatomical Pathology Resident Teaching Award 2017
To honor clinical staff for their outstanding contributions to not just resident academic education, but also for professional education as well as mentorship.
Dr. Titus Wong
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC
AWARDED: Dr. Melvyn Bernstein Resident Teaching Awards
To honor clinical staff for their outstanding contributions to not just resident academic education, but also for professional education as well as mentorship.

2017 USCAP Stowell-Orbison Award

Tyler Hickey MD, PhD | UBC Faculty of Medicine

Congratulations to UBC Pathology Resident, Dr. Tyler Hickey who received a 2017 Stowell-Orbison Award - Certificate of Merit at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Working together with PHC pathologists, Dr. Avrum Ostry, Dr. Michael Seidman, Dr. Hamid Masoudi and Dr. John Maguire, Dr. Hickey presented a poster titled “Iatrogenic Hydrophilic Polymer Emboli Following Endovascular Procedures: A Potentially Fatal Complication”.

Residents and staff at USCAP 2017 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas

Teaching students at the Northern Medical Program

Catalin with the UNBC NMP mascots
Catalin Taraboanta
PGY-4 Resident in Anatomical Pathology

The Northern Medical Program, part of the University of British Columbia distributed medical program and first of its kind in North America, it’s a highly successful model for distributed education. Through UBC admission, 32 medical students join in the NMP each year. Also, every year Anatomical Pathology residents are instrumental in teaching the small group clinical-pathological correlation sessions for the UBC second year medical students and now they are providing the same support and level of teaching to the distributed sites. Drs. Catalin Taraboanta (PGY-4), Yazeed Alwelaie (PGY-4), Basile Tessier Coutier (PGY2), Tyler Hickey (PGY4), Deidre Ongaro (PGY2) and Ellen Cai (PGY2) have only recently (November 2016 and January 2017) flew to Prince George to teach. The dedication of these residents for providing equal learning opportunities to the UBC medical students at the distributed sites speaks volumes in terms of pathology’s department commitment to improve and elevate medical education.

Pathology programs at UBC Careers Night

Drs. Yi Ariel Liu, Ellen Cai, Peter Schultz and Ian Mackenzie representing the Pathology programs at UBC Careers Night.
Yi Ariel Liu & Ellen Cai
PGY-2 Residents in Anatomical Pathology

Careers Night is an event organized by the UBC Medical Undergraduate Society to allow medical students to engage with residents and program directors. This year, PGY-2 Anatomical Pathology residents, Drs. Ellen Cai and Ariel Liu represented the residency program and even brought a microscope and sample slides to their booth. They were joined by Neuropathology representatives Drs. Peter Schultz and Ian Mackenzie.

Q"Medical students don't have enough opportunities to explore Pathology as a career through medical school,' Liu said. "This event is a great way for them to get to know what being a pathologist is like."

Medical students who dropped by were very excited to try the microscope. One even made the correct diagnosis of malignant melanoma on a sample slide. Cai encouraged interested students to apply for electives in lab medicine to try out the different subspecialty areas.

Next year the residents want to administer a mini-slide exam to identify the most qualified candidate to come to their program.

Not Just Life in Medicine…

Thirteen original watercolour paintings of different organ histology (on the left)
Yi Ariel Liu

Yi Ariel Liu is a PGY-2 resident in Anatomical Pathology who enjoys painting in her spare time. This year she created thirteen original watercolour paintings of different organ histology for the speakers at the Canadian Anatomic and Molecular Pathology conference. Can you identify them all?

All PGYs are based on the 2016-17 academic year.