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Inside the Residency: What's New and Exciting in our Program!

— Shelley Berkow, Residency Program Manager
Department Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
The University of British Columbia | VGH

The residency admin team is very busy organizing the upcoming CARMS interviews taking place in February & we look forward to meeting everyone virtually again this year. Match day is March 22, 2023. We wish the candidates all the best during this rather stressful time.

Talking of stress, our grads are in full study mode. This year for Anatomical Pathology, both our PGY4s (CBD) and PGY5s (traditional track) will be writing the Royal college written exam together early April. The PGY5s then do the oral in May, but the PGY4s do their oral in the Fall 2023. We also have one Hematopathology grad writing as well this Spring.

Good luck to everyone.

Our grads this year are:

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Jonathan Lee (AP)
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Hang Yang (AP)
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Taylor Salisbury (AP)
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Robert Guo (HP)

Clinical Fellows (AY22-23):

Our fellowships seem to be growing each year & this past year we have had the most fellows training with us ever. They are:

  1. Dr. Alicia Andrews, Pediatric Pathology - supervisor Dr. Anna Lee
  2. Dr. Reem Abanamy, Antimicrobial Stewardship fellowship – supervisor Dr. Chris Lowe
  3. Dr. Jenny Chu, GI & Liver pathology – supervisor Dr. David Schaeffer
  4. Dr. Edwin Ho, Dermatopathology – supervisor Dr. Richard Crawford
  5. Dr. Afif Yusof, Bone and Soft Tissue pathology – supervisor Dr. Torsten Nielsen
  6. Dr. Ibrahim Alrahji, HLA & Transplant Immunology – supervisor Dr. James Lan
  7. Dr. Bayan Ashary, Breast Pathology – supervisor Dr. Michael Chen
  • CBD

Hematopathology transitioned over to CBD July 2022, and welcomed the first CBD HP resident. All going well so far & staff are getting used to completing EPAs. Medical Microbiology will be launching CBD in July 2024. Just a reminder from Dr. Mike Nimmo (GP PD), that the General Pathology residency program is currently inactive!

The grad dinner this year will be at the University Golf Club on Tuesday May 30th, 2023. More info to follow.
  • Path Day

Path Day is on Thursday June 1, 2023. As usual many of our residents will be doing oral presentations. Make sure to check the pathology website for updates.

  • Announcement-Associate Program Director (Anatomical Pathology)

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Dave Farnell, Anatomical Pathologist at Vancouver General Hospital, has accepted the position of Associate Program Director (APD), Anatomical Pathology. Dave is currently the Site Supervisor at VGH and will help support the AP program through various administrative and educational roles as the APD.

Thank you to Dave for taking up this position.

  • Announcement-Pathology Medical Undergraduate Program Assistant

We’d like to welcome Fiona Zhang who has been appointed as the Pathology undergraduate program assistant, and will be scheduling the pathology undergrad electives. Look out for emails from Fiona. She can be reached at: . Welcome Fiona!

Medical undergrad student electives. Out of province medical students can now apply for electives & we look forward to welcoming them back this year.

  • Filming:

We recently shot a short promotional video for the Anatomical Pathology Residency Program utilizing the UBC Video & Digital Media Dept’s expertise. Zac Rothman was lead on this project and we cannot thank him enough for making this happen, co-ordinating the logistics, and making everyone feel very comfortable.

A big thank you also to everyone that was involved from residents to staff and lab techs. There was a lot of prep work before the actual filming and a big shout out to our chief residents, Collin Pryma and Spencer Martin who took the lead on this.

Once ready, we’ll tweet out the link, and add it to the Pathology Residency website.

  • PALS Sessions.

We are always looking for recommendations for our monthly PALS sessions. If you have someone in mind who you think would be good for this series, pls be in touch with Dr. Tyler Smith or Shelley Berkow .