Claudia Singh, BMLSc 2022

Why did you choose the BMLSc Program? I chose the BMLSc program because I was interested in the curriculum. I also liked the idea of a small class size and having the opportunity to learn closely from incredible instructors.

What is one of the most interesting things you've done, seen or gotten involved with while in the BMLSc Program? The highlight of my experience in BMLSc so far has been getting to pursue research under Dr. Audi Setiadi at BC Children’s Hospital through the Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Program and the PATH 438 Directed Studies Research Course. I was given the opportunity to present a poster at the International Clinical Cytometry Society 2021 Meeting and learn from some extremely intelligent individuals. Dr. Setiadi has been an incredible supervisor and mentor and I am so grateful to her for her endless support and the many opportunities she has given me. I am also thankful to the other hematopathologists at BC Children’s for their encouragement, teaching, and guidance.

What do you like the most about the BMLSc Program? I’ve really enjoyed taking interesting courses and always being challenged through my coursework. I also love the small group and all the friends I’ve made through BMLSc.

What is your favourite place on campus? My favourite place on campus is the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre! I love getting a London fog and studying inside Loafe Cafe.

What are your hopes and/or plans for after you graduate? I consider myself a lifelong learner and hope to pursue a career in medicine after taking time off to work and hopefully travel (pandemic permitting).

What are your top two things to do/see/go to in Vancouver? Growing up in Victoria, BC, I have always loved being by the ocean and that hasn’t changed since coming to Vancouver. I love being outdoors and going to Spanish Banks and also finding the best donut spots in the city.

How have you kept connected with friends and family during COVID? I like to catch up with friends and family over the phone especially while I’m walking home or when cooking dinner!

Share one interesting thing about you that most people may not know. I’m a huge golfer! I absolutely love golf and can be found on the course whenever I have a bit of time outside of school and my other commitments. I was a competitive golfer back in high school and always look forward to going back home and golfing with my Dad or friends.