Eva Su, BMLSc 2023

Why did you choose the BMLSc Program? I was looking to gain more practical experience and knowledge that would allow me to explore my interests. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon the BMLSc program! It seemed to place an emphasis on both theoretical and hands-on learning, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to learn and grow in (and it is)! Plus, I saw a “Day in the Life of a BMLSc student” video of past BMLSc students getting access to their own microscope lockers and being able to learn and use these microscopes convinced me that this program is absolutely amazing.

What is one of the most interesting things you've done, seen or gotten involved with while in the BMLSc Program? The program gave me an opportunity to experience so many wonderful and new things, but my favourite was the DHPLC Pathology Museum visit. I haven’t had an off-campus field trip since I was in high school and I haven’t been to the DHPLC Museum since elementary, which brought back some old memories. I remember learning about the specimens and comprehending no more than what the organ names were back in elementary school. Now, I’m able to understand what the specimens are, how they’re made, where they came from, their functions, and the diseases associated with each specimen. It’s interesting how much more we can understand as we grow up. I wasn’t as confused this time compared to elementary and I thought it was super interesting how some of the specimens were older than us.

What do you like the most about the BMLSc Program? Definitely the people. The support and resources offered by this program is unparalleled. I felt cared for from the very start and I’m beyond grateful for each and every member of the supportive teaching team and my peers.

We’re quite a diverse group of students that come from different backgrounds and experiences, so it’s been lovely getting to know everyone and being able to learn from each other.

What is your favourite place on campus? Life Sciences Institute! The building showcases many microscopy images and research that makes me feel like I’m walking through a science themed art gallery. It’s also a great place near the hospital to study and get work done in an open space with natural light.

What are your hopes and/or plans for after you graduate? I’m still exploring the possibilities, but I’m hoping to pursue a challenging career that allows me to continually improve and grow in. Ideally, this path would foster innovation and problem solving in different environments where I am able to make meaningful contributions to society to inspire myself and others.

What are your top two things to do/see/go to in Vancouver? I absolutely love watching sunsets and exploring different restaurants and coffee shops around Vancouver. Walking along Iona Beach while enjoying the sunset is one of the best things to do on a warm day. Enjoying the diverse cuisine that Vancouver has to offer is one of the best perks of living in Vancouver and the unique architecture at different coffee shops make them great places for enjoying caffeinated drinks while studying or being productive.

How have you kept connected with friends and family during COVID? It’s been hard connecting with my friends since our schedules rarely align, but we’ve been chatting online or video calling whenever we can. On the bright side, I’ve spent a lot more time getting to know my family members even more. My family and I like to enjoy our meals together and we share stories and updates at the dinner table. We don’t always have crazy stories to tell but sometimes having each other be present and knowing we’ll always be there for each other is enough.

Share one interesting thing about you that most people may not know. I can play 3 musical instruments and I like to sing in the shower. It’s quite stress relieving (for me at least; not sure about my family members who have to hear me sing).