Serena Yeung, BMLSc 2023

Why did you choose the BMLSc Program? I chose the BMLSc program because of the amount of laboratory time we have to learn and to develop applicable skills for future career prospects. Unlike other science courses I’ve taken which had the occasional lab work that may not even require us to do much besides observations, this program provides students with so many opportunities to use the laboratory techniques that we often learn in class in relevant experiments. I’m a hands-on, visual-type of learner, so this kind of learning environment is exactly what I’ve been looking for, besides the fact that I also love being in the lab.

What is one of the most interesting things you've done, seen or gotten involved with while in the BMLSc Program? One of the most interesting things I’ve seen while in the BMLSc program is how accessible everything is to students. Typically, expensive equipment like microscopes are only allowed to be used in the presence of an instructor, but students are entrusted with a key to their own microscopes for the year and I feel a lot more confident knowing that my instructors entrust me also with that much confidence.

What do you like the most about the BMLSc Program? I love the close-knit community we have in this program! I didn’t know anyone when I was applying, but coincidentally I knew a couple of students already and it didn’t take long before I got to grow close with everyone else! I especially appreciate the lack of competition we have with each other. I know I can always rely on my peers without judgement and we are in this together! I also feel super comfortable and welcomed by the staff in this program, I know I can always turn to them when I need help or just to have a fun conversation!

What is your favourite place on campus? My favourite place on campus is the Forestry Building. I love the aesthetics of the interior of the building, and studying while surrounded by trees is a great change in environment from the plain walls.

What are your hopes and/or plans for after you graduate? To be honest, I’m still unsure what career path I truly want to take, I’m still taking my time to discover that in this program. I think immediate plans after I graduate would definitely include taking a food trip across Japan or Taiwan.

What are your top two things to do/see/go to in Vancouver? I love exploring new food places and adventuring on the numerous hiking trails we have in Vancouver. Food and nature are two of the things that bring me so much joy and comfort!

How have you kept connected with friends and family during COVID? By staying involved in my prior commitments: working part-time at the Starbucks in Richmond Hospital, serving online/in-person at my church, spending quality time online/in-person with close family and friends.

Share one interesting thing about you that most people may not know. I had applied to both art institutions and science programs at major universities for undergrad; and the original plan was to pursue art (perhaps something in animation) at OCADU but my parents wanted me to give UBC Science a try since I was fortunate to get accepted.