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Pathology at a Glance 2020/21

We’ve accomplished a lot of things—
here are just a few to mention...


Number of Faculty Members: 394








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Organizational structure of the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

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Working with the best

The 2020/21 academic year was marked by significant accomplishments amid the challenge of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some projects from the past academic year in which our faculty members were involved.

Inventory of the COVID-19 research projects

Investing in the future of lab quality

Four months after the COVID-19 lock down occurred, the Rix Foundation provided the Department with a $1.5 million donation, that was matched by funds from the Provost, to create Professorship in Laboratory Quality. The first of its kind in Canada, the 10-year term professorship will enable UBC to continue improving the quality of laboratory services across Canada and internationally. UBC will recruit a world-class expert in laboratory quality research, education and training to succeed Dr. Michael Noble, professor emeritus in UBC’s department of pathology and laboratory medicine.

So we just wanted to say...

Thank you!

Pathology Education

BMLSc | Undergraduate Courses | Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Certificate

#Students #Credits Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Certificate #Students #Credits BMLSc #
PATH 375 106 3 PATH 427 38 3 Number of Students 44
PATH 437 1 3 PATH 451 5 3 Program Courses (PATH:15; non PATH: 3) 18
PATH 438 5 6 PATH 467 27 3 Program Credits 63
      PATH 477 6 3 Instructors (Faculty, Technologists, Others) 93
            Lecture Hours 529
            Other Types of Instruction - hours 623

BMLSc Awards (2020)

  • The graduates recognized the following instructors, who each received a BMLSc Graduates’ Choice for Teaching Excellence Award: Dr. Sophia Park, Dr. Elisabeth Maurer & Ms. Jennifer Xenakis
  • The Reid Memorial Cup: Ms. Jennifer Xenakis

Medical Undergraduate Program 2020

MD Undergraduate Program For 2020 (across all sites) Year 4 Electives (data only for VFMP)
Course   # of Faculty participating Instructional
Teaching with patient care Specialty # of Students # of Weeks VFMP Hospital
Flex   3     Anatomic Pathology 13 38 VGH, SPH, CWH
1st & 2nd Year Lectures & Labs 31 106 0 Hematopathology 7 14 VGH, SPH, CWH, RCH
  Case Based Learning 8 278 0 Medical Biochemistry 2 4 VGH, SPH, CWH
3rd year & other depts   11 54 28 Medical Microbiology 10 24 VGH, SPH
4th year Electives 46 0 256 Neuropathology 7 16 VGH
  Transition to PostGrad (TIPP) 8 23 0        
TOTALS   107 461 284 TOTALS 39 96  

Clinical Faculty involved in teaching from the different Medical Program Sites

  # of Faculty Instructional (hours) Teaching with Patient Care (sessions)
Island MP 8 12 27
Northern MP 1 3 3
Southern MP 15 60 60
Vancouver Fraser MP 49 173 194
TOTALS 73 248 284

Residency Program 2020

Program of Study #Residents
Anatomical Pathology 26
General Pathology 0
Neuropathology 4
Hematopathology 6
Medical Microbiology 4
Medical Biochemistry 0
Fellowship: Gynecological Pathology: 1
Gastrointestinal Pathology :  1

Residency Program – the following major awards were received:
  • Melvyn Bernstein: Dr. Amanda Wilmer
  • Roberta Miller: Dr. Hui-Min Yang

Graduate Studies 2020

Program of Study #of People
MSc 30
PhD 32
MD/PhD Program 3
#of Supervisors 42

Graduate Studies – the following major awards were received:
  • CGS-M CIHR: Loic Caloren, Tianna Sihota, Brett Collinge, Nancy Yang
  • CGS-D CIHR: Rachel Cederberg, Tim Xue, Katlyn Richardson
  • 4 Year Fellowship Awards: Juhee Oh
  • Killam (Travel Only): Rachel Cederberg

Awards and Achievements in 2020

Celebrating the achievements of our faculty, staff and students.

Congratulations to our promoted faculty members in 2020

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine is pleased and proud to announce the promotion of the following faculty members, thanks in part to their record of published research, ability to attract grant funding, academic visibility, teaching excellence, and administrative or community service. Congratulations to:

    Promotion to Professor
  • Dr. Christian Steidl
  • Dr. William Lockwood
    Promotion to Clinical Professor
  • Dr. Andre Mattman
  • Dr. Steven Rasmussen
    Promotion to Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dr. Vilte Barakauskas
  • Dr. Mei Lin Bissonnette
  • Dr. Will Hsiao
  • Dr. Andrew Shih
  • Dr. Jeff Terry
    Promotion to Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Jeffrey Craig
  • Dr. Paul Levett
  • Dr. Audi Setiadi
  • Dr. Janet Simons
  • Dr. Bing Wang
  • Dr. Lik Hang Lee
  • Dr. Ayesha Vawda
  • Dr. Christine Tyson

Doctoral Exams Chairs 2020

On behalf of Dean and Vice-Provost Susan Porter, we recognize the following faculty members from our department who chaired doctoral examinations between January and December 2020:

  • Marcel Bally (2 exams)
  • Hélène Côté
  • William Godolphin
  • David Huntsman
  • Aly Karsan
  • Jay Kizhakkedathu
  • Gerald Krystal
  • Victor Ling
  • Bruce McManus
  • Torsten Nielsen
  • Michael Noble
  • Haydn Pritchard
  • Christian Steidl
  • Fumio Takei
  • Juergen Vielkind
  • Cheryl Wellington
  • Joanne Wright
  • Hermann Ziltener

Pathology Weekly Rounds

Our department hosted 42 speakers on a variety of topics

Pathology Weekly Rounds were created on the eve of the pandemic and they became a cornerstone of scholarship in all academic aspects. Topics and presenters are selected to reflect timely issues and knowledge in the ever developing world of Pathology. The rounds are an enormous success with as many as 140 people in attendance.

Funding Sources

Research Funds

Research Grants 2020
Federal (Tri-council grants)  $9,707,040
Foundations (non-profit)  $8,801,883
Industry Note: lower due to $685k NFL grant recv'd last year, Dr. Shah Canarie grant $142k ended  200,881
(I.E. Michael Smith,
CFI, local agencies)
US/Foreign Agencies  $1,756,990
Grand Total  $22,462,741

Research Funds - Eight Years Trend

Grand Total - Eight Years Trend

Personnel Awards

Chairs  $1,024,594



Postdoctoral Fellowships

Grand Total  $1,981,205

Personnel Awards - Eight Years Trend

Grand Total - Eight Years Trend

Department Funds

Operating Fund General Purpose Operating Funds Budget from Faculty of Medicine 5,419,633
  General Purpose Operating Funds - Dept Unrestricted Accounts Funds generated from Departmental Unrestricted Funds i.e. Overhead, External Funds 548,046
  General Purpose Operating Funds- Fee for Service Revenue generated from Fee for Service accounts and PI accounts 688,628
  General Purpose Operating Funds -Salary Cost Recovery Funds recovered for salaries by bill back arrangement with partner institutions 3,434,799
Other Funds Specific Purpose Funds Funds from PGME, contracts and agreements 803,948
  Endowment Funds Funds generated from endowed capital 301,760
  Research Awards Funds awarded to individuals or groups from various research granting agencies 22,462,741
  Total Revenue   33,659,555

Department Funds - Total Revenue: Eight Years Trend