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Welcome to Pathology's Bi-Weekly Bulletin | April 29, 2022

Dr. Poul Sorensen recognized for groundbreaking work on human sarcomas

Dr. Poul Sorensen has been named the recipient of the 2022 Herman Suit Award from the the Connective Tissue Oncology Society for his pioneering work on human sarcomas, which are malignant tumors of the connective tissues. The award is presented annually for outstanding contributions to the basic science of sarcomas. read more..

Congratulations Dr. Sorensen!

Pathology Province-Wide Rounds

Book off 12-1 pm for every Friday for the Pathology Province-Wide Rounds | Location: (the same URL for all rounds) . For Zoom information or any questions, please email Heleena Mistry. Rounds are recorded and available here.

Friday, April 29, 2022 from 12pm-1pm: *DEPARTMENTAL BUSINESS*

Speaker: Mike Nimmo – Vice Chair Education

Topic: "Education in the UBC Department of Pathology - the Present State and Future Directions"


  • describe current educational areas/activities within the department;
  • list issues facing pathology education within the Department;
  • describe the future directions of educational activities within the department.

Friday, May 6, 2022 from 12pm-1pm: *PALS*

Speaker: Dr. Michelle Dittrick - Research Program Manager, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Children's & Women's Health Centre of BC

Topic: "Practical Tips and Tricks for Launching a Research Study"


  • review the challenges faced in starting a research study and alternative approaches to consider;
  • learn practical tips to facilitate study approvals;
  • identify local resources available to researchers.

A special acknowledgment to

DR. STEPHEN YIP for his participation in the adjudication process for the 2022 UBC Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Program. Your generosity in volunteering your time and expertise for this process provided a valuable service to the UBC research community; the program would not be possible without the commitment of our vast team of faculty reviewers.

In the news --->

Dr. Lange, Dr. Kizhakkedathu and Dr. Yazdani-Ahmadabadi have developed a new silver-based coating for medical devices that kills bacteria and prevents infection. read more..

Highlighted events

  • We are pleased to announce that the Centre for Cardiovascular Innovation – Centre d’Innovation Cardiovasculaire (CCI-CIC) has become a formal UBC Faculty of Medicine-approved and Providence Research-approved research centre. read more.. .
  • Registration Open: TM Entrepreneurship Micro-Course #3 | How healthcare buys and what this means for translational researchers [**Sent on behalf of Dr. Poul Sorensen, MD, PhD, Director, Academy of Translational Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UBC **]
    You’re cordially invited to participate in the Entrepreneurship Micro-Course #3 How healthcare buys and what this means for translational researchers, including an in-person workshop on May 2nd 2022. If you know any Post-docs, PhD students, research associates and/or PIs interested in practical tools to support translation from lab invention to patient impact, please don’t hesitate to forward this invite to them. read more.. .
  • REDI Symposium - Race Ideology: Historical Perspectives, Current Realities and Re-Imagining the Future. This symposium will explore how racist ideology led to the categorization of people into “races” and how centuries of medical knowledge, health care, research and health professions education have continued to perpetuate this flawed notion of race as a biological construct. We will examine beneficiaries of racism and discrimination and thus how racist systems and structures are sustained. Finally, we will engage with anti-racism strategies and pedagogies aimed to dismantle racist structures. read more.. .
  • UBC's 13th annual Celebrate Learning Week is a week-long showcase of teaching and learning at both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan. From May 9–13, 2022, UBC faculty, staff and students are encouraged to attend the 35+ online and in-person events highlighting accessibility for people with disabilities along with inclusive learning, living and working environments for students, faculty and staff. read more.. .