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Welcome to Pathology's Bi-Weekly Bulletin | August 5th, 2022

Sustainability Coordinators: PPE Survey

Green Labs has been exploring more recycling schemes and would appreciate your input on PPE waste generated acro Survey link

Highlighted Events

  • Orientation event (recommended for both old and new postdocs): The next Orientation for Postdoctoral Fellows will take place September 20, 2022. Learn More
  • UBC Postdoctoral Association: The UBC Postdoctoral Association is looking for postdocs and research associates to volunteer as members of the Executive Team. Learn More .
    We are an interdisciplinary group of postdoctoral fellows and research associates at UBC. Since 2006, our executive team has been working closely with the Postdoctoral Fellows Office to represent all postdoctoral fellows equally, and advocate on their behalf.
  • PDFO events page: The PDFO is dedicated to providing a wide variety of quality professional development opportunities to UBC’s postdoc community. Learn More